Terms and Conditions

Hey there, valued customer! Let's dive into the straightforward stuff you should know when using RAG Marine’s services. We partner with Shopify Inc. to bring our fantastic products straight to your screens. 🛍️

1. The Basics:
Before surfing our site, please get comfy with our Terms, Privacy Policy, and any other rules we've got. They might change now and then. If you're cool with them, great! If not, we'd hate to see you go, but it's best if you don't use our services.

2. Heads-Up:

  • Sometimes we might decide not to serve someone, and that's our call.
  • Most of your data might move around in a readable form (except super-secret stuff like credit card details, those are locked up tight! 🔒).
  • Copying or selling our services without permission? Big no-no.

3. About Our Info:
We do our best, but we can't always promise our site's info is up-to-the-minute accurate. Before making big decisions, maybe double-check elsewhere. And, we might freshen up our content anytime.

4. Prices & Services:

  • Prices can shuffle around without a heads up.
  • If we decide to tweak or pause our services, we might not always give a warning. We hope you understand!

5. All About Our Products:

  • Some of our treasures are online exclusives with limited stock.
  • We try to show off our products in the best light, but screens vary. So, the real color might be a tad different.
  • Sometimes, we might limit sales or shake up product descriptions.

6. All About Your Orders:

  • We might have to change or cancel an order sometimes, and we'll decide when that's necessary.
  • Just a little request: Please keep your account details on point! 🎯

7. Emails & Cookies:
By joining our crew, you might get newsletters and sweet deals in your inbox. But if that's not your jam, you can always opt-out.

8. Our Creative Stuff:
All the cool content on our site? It's ours and protected by law. So, let's not spread it around without permission.

9. You and Us:
If anything gets a bit messy because of how you use our site, we'd need you to have our backs and handle any claims.

10. The Fine Print:
If a rule here doesn't work legally, we'll fix or ditch it, without shaking up the rest. If needed, we can chat about a new rule that works.

11. Legal Stuff:
U.S. laws guide our rules. And if there's a disagreement, we'll sort it out under U.S. jurisdiction.

12. The Boss's Call:
If something super unexpected pops up, our CEO gets the final say.

13. Keeping Things Fresh:
We might jazz up these terms now and then. Do swing by occasionally to see what's new. Using our site means you're okay with the updates.

14. Questions?
Got any head-scratchers? Drop us a line at mail@ragmarine.com. We're here to help! 💬

Happy shopping! 🎉