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Marine Communications

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Collection Information

Marine communications equipment is an essential part of any boating or sailing excursion. Whether you're a recreational boater, a professional mariner, or a member of a rescue team, having the right communication tools on board can mean the difference between a successful and enjoyable voyage and a dangerous and stressful one.

In our Marine Communications category, you'll find a wide range of products designed to keep you connected and informed while out on the water. From VHF radios and handheld GPS devices to satellite phones and AIS transponders, we have everything you need to stay in touch with others and navigate with confidence.

VHF radios, for example, are a must-have for any boater. They allow you to communicate with other boats, marinas, and coast guard stations in your area, and can be used in emergency situations to call for help. We offer a wide range of VHF radios, from basic models to advanced digital units with built-in GPS and DSC (Digital Selective Calling) capabilities.

If you're planning on going off the grid, our satellite phones are the perfect solution. With coverage in even the most remote locations, these phones allow you to call and text just like you would on land.

AIS transponders are a great tool for boater who want to increase their visibility and safety on the water. These devices transmit your boat's position, course, and speed to other boats and shore-based stations, allowing you to see other vessels around you and avoid collisions.

We also carry a wide range of handheld GPS devices, which are perfect for navigation and tracking. They are lightweight and easy to use, and come preloaded with detailed maps and other useful features.

With all these products, our category of Marine Communications is the perfect place for boaters, sailors and mariners to find the equipment they need to stay safe, connected and informed while at sea.

From basic to advanced, and from VHF radios to satellite phones, our marine communication equipment is designed to help you navigate confidently and stay in touch with others no matter where your journey takes you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between a VHF radio and a satellite phone?
A: A VHF radio is a type of two-way radio that operates on very high frequency (VHF) bands. It is primarily used for short-range communication and is often found on boats and ships. A satellite phone, on the other hand, is a type of mobile phone that uses satellites to communicate instead of terrestrial cell towers. This allows for communication in remote locations where cell coverage is not available.
Q: Do I need a license to operate a VHF radio?
A: Yes, in most countries, you are required to have a license to operate a VHF radio. This is typically a “ship station license”, which is issued by the government agency responsible for maritime communications.
Q: Can I use a VHF radio to call for help in an emergency?
A: Yes, VHF radios are often used to call for help in emergency situations. Many VHF radios have a dedicated “Distress” button or a designated channel (like channel 16) for emergency use. When you press the button or call on the emergency channel, your distress signal is sent out to other boats, marinas, and coast guard stations in the area.
Q: Is a Handheld GPS device necessary for boating?
A: A handheld GPS device can be very helpful for navigation, tracking, and planning. It can help you navigate to your destination, keep track of your progress, and even plan your route in advance. However, It is not necessary for boating but it is a very useful tool.
Q: Are there any monthly fees associated with using a satellite phone?
A: Yes, there are usually monthly fees associated with using a satellite phone. These fees can include charges for the phone itself, usage fees, and a monthly plan for calls and texts. It's important to check with the provider for the exact fees and plans available.
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