Shipping Policy

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RAG Marine - 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Good News! If you place your order before 2 PM EST, we're on the ball and aim to get it shipped out to you the very same day. 🚀

Your Shipping Choices:

For our friends in the lower 48 states, we've got some nifty flat-rate shipping options just for you:

  • 📦 Best Way - $9.95
  • 📦 Ground Promo - $11.95
  • 📦 2-Day Rush - $19.95
  • 📦 Overnight Express - $49.95

And guess what? If you’re shopping for multiple items, we've got your back! You'll only pay for shipping once, regardless of how many goodies you add to your cart. 🎉

If you’re from Alaska, Hawaii, or other lovely territories, we'll calculate the best shipping rates for you based on your items' weight and size. 🌍

A little heads up: for some unique products like personal security or safety items, we might have shipping restrictions due to state laws or our distributor's policies. We'll always make sure to mention it in the item description so you're in the know. 🛑

Happy shopping and thanks for choosing us! 🎁🛒