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Boat Winterizing

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Don't let the off-season leave your boat unprotected - take advantage of our Boat Winterizing product selection, like boat covers to help safeguard your investment. Our comprehensive collection features antifreeze and oil change supplies, as well as durable and weather-resistant shrink wraps and covers to protect against the elements. We also carry a variety of other accessories and tools like dehumidifiers and battery maintenance products to keep your boat in prime running condition. Shop our Boat Winterizing products now for an easier boating season and servicing your boat for the next year!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the most important winterizing products for my boat?
A: The most important winterizing products for your boat include antifreeze, oil change supplies, shrink wrap, and covers. Antifreeze will protect your engine and plumbing systems from freezing temperatures, while oil change supplies will keep your engine running smoothly. Shrink wrap and covers will protect your boat from the elements, including wind, snow, and ice.
Q: How often should I winterize my boat?
A: It is recommended to winterize your boat annually, before storing it for the off-season. This will ensure that your boat is protected from the elements and will be ready to use when boating season begins.
Q: Can I use regular antifreeze in my boat's engine?
A: No, regular antifreeze is not suitable for use in a boat's engine. Marine antifreeze is specially formulated to protect against the corrosive effects of saltwater and is recommended for use in boat engines.
Q: Can I use a tarp instead of shrink wrap to cover my boat?
A: While a tarp can be used to cover your boat, shrink wrap is a more effective option. Shrink wrap is specifically designed to protect boats from the elements and will provide a tighter, more secure fit than a tarp.
Q: Is it necessary to use a dehumidifier during winter storage?
A: Yes, it is recommended to use a dehumidifier during winter storage to prevent mold and mildew from forming in your boat. A dehumidifier will remove excess moisture from the air and help to keep your boat in top condition.

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