Privacy Policy

👋 Hey there, welcome to RAG Marine!

We're your trusty online dock for top-notch marine products & services. Let’s talk about how we protect and handle your data when you swing by.

Quick Overview:

  • 🛍️ We use your data to make our service top-notch.
  • 🤝 By sailing with us, you're cool with our data practices.
  • 📖 We’ve got some Terms & Conditions. They’re our co-captain with this policy.

Data Talk (Definitions):

  • Service: Our website, RAG Marine.
  • Personal Data: Info about you that tells us who you are.
  • Usage Data: Info we get when you use our site, like how long you stayed.
  • Cookies: Tiny files we store so our website knows you.
  • 🧑‍✈️ We're the "Captain" (Data Controller) of your data, and we sometimes hire "Crew" (Data Processors) to help out.

Info We Collect: We gather different types of info to better our service for you.

What Personal Details?

  • 📧 Email
  • 🖊️ Name
  • 📞 Phone Number
  • 🏡 Address (from city to ZIP)
  • 🍪 Cookies and how you use our site.

📣 Heads up! We might ping you with cool stuff like newsletters. Want out? Just click the unsubscribe link.

More on Data: We take notes on:

  • 🌐 Your IP address & browser info.
  • 📱 Your device's info.
  • 📍 Your location (with your OK).

Cookies and Tracks: We use cookies to understand your journey on our site. Not a fan? You can tell your browser to ignore cookies.

Why We Use Your Data:

  • ⚙️ Keep our service running smoothly.
  • 📢 Share updates about our service.
  • 💬 Help you out if you have questions.
  • 📊 Learn & enhance our website.
  • 🛡️ Sort out any technical hitches.
  • 📑 And a bunch of other reasons (always with your best interest in mind).

Storing Your Data: We’ll keep your data as long as needed, depending on its purpose. And trust us, we do our best to keep it safe!

Rights & Protections 🌍 (GDPR for our European Friends):

  • 📥 Know what data we have on you.
  • ✏️ Edit it if it’s wrong.
  • ❌ Delete it if you want.
  • 🚫 Tell us not to use it in certain ways.
  • 💼 Get your data in a handy format.

💌 Questions or requests? Reach us at

For our Californian Sailors 🏄 (CalOPPA & CCPA):

  • 🕵️‍♂️ Surf our site without revealing who you are.
  • 📜 Our Privacy Policy is easy to find & understand.
  • 🛑 We respect "Do Not Track" signals.
  • 📋 Check out & manage your data.

We cherish your privacy. We don't sell your personal info. If you have any concerns, send a signal flare (or just an email) to

Teaming Up (Service Providers): Sometimes, we bring aboard third-party shipmates to help. They can only use your data for the tasks we hire them for.

Exploring Other Seas (Links to Other Sites): Our service might have links to other sites. We can’t man the helm for them, so always check their privacy policies.

Little Sailors (Children’s Privacy): Our site isn’t made for young sailors under 18 without their parents onboard. If you think we accidentally collected data from a youngster, let us know!

Charting the Course (Changes to This Policy): If we update this policy, we’ll let you know. It’s a good idea to swing by and check it once in a while.

Need a Harbor Master? (Contact Us) Got questions or just want to chat about data? Reach us at

Happy sailing! 🌊⛵🌟