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Boat Swim Platforms - An Essential Guide

A boat swim platform can transform your vessel into a great swimming and lounging spot that’s perfect for friends and family. Whether you’re planning a day at the lake or crossing open waters, adding a swim platform to your craft provides added convenience and an abundance of fun. Learn all about what to look for when choosing the right boat swim platform for you.

What are Boat Swim Platforms?

Boat swim platforms are removable swimming platforms that attach to the stern of a vessel. They provide a safe and easy way for swimmers to enter and leave the water, as well as serve as a viewing area while out on the water. In addition, many models feature storage space, cup holders, and even ladders— depending on what type you choose.

Consider the Size of Your Boat and its Layout.

Boat Swim Platforms - A Essential Guide

When shopping for swim platforms, you need to keep in mind the size and layout of your boat. Some platforms are designed with specific sizes in mind and may not fit every kind of vessel. Before investing in a swim platform, measure the length and width of your stern so you’ll know what size platform you need. Additionally, if possible, consider bringing a picture of the back of your boat along with you when shopping for one so that store employees can help ensure that you get the perfect fit.

Measure the Maximum Length & Width of Potential Platforms.

When it comes to selecting your perfect boat swim platform, size is more than just a number. Before purchasing a platform, be sure to measure and confirm the specified dimensions of any potential platforms you have in mind. Ensure that your measurements have considered the area of the stern that could potentially be occupied by the platform and support structures such as folding braces or towels bars.

Consider Material Type & Maintenance Requirements.

In addition to size and shape, consider the type of material your swim platform is constructed from. Aluminum and fiberglass materials are popular among boat owners due to their durability and resistance to corrosion. However, these materials also require periodic maintenance such as waxing and polishing for them to remain in good condition. Keep this in mind when deciding on your ideal boat swim platform.

Think About Style & Extras Options.

When choosing your swim platform there are many stylish options available to suit your style. Consider whether you want a curved or flat ride, different colors and accents, as well as a number of extras such as folding ladders, handrails and more. With the right style and extras, your boat swim platform can be just as beautiful as it is functional.

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