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The Best Boating Clubs for Beginner and Experienced Skippers

Boating is a great pastime for individuals and families, offering adventure on the open waters. Boating clubs provide an opportunity to connect with other members, learn from experienced boat owners, find tips and advice on boating safety and maintenance, as well as discover new places to explore.


What is the Purpose of a Boating Club?

Boating clubs provide a great way to meet other boaters, share resources, tips and knowledge with one another, as well as form friendships and lasting connections. Many times, these clubs also provide training classes or seminars on proper care and maintenance of boats, safe boating practices, and various laws regarding vessels. Moreover, members of a boating club have access to events such as fishing tournaments, boat shows, races, cruises and adventures at discounted prices.

Find Local Boat Clubs

Finding a local boat club is easy and there are many benefits to joining one. A quick search on the internet will provide you with a list of boating clubs you can join, as well as their membership fees and services offered. Furthermore, your local Coast Guard Auxiliary and BoatUS also offers various resources and classes to those interested in becoming members of the club. Attending boat shows or events organized by these clubs will give you the perfect opportunity to learn more about what they have to offer.

Research Boat Clubs in Your Area

Before joining a boat club, do an extensive research to ensure that it is the right fit for you and your needs. Make sure you look at not only their fees but what kind of services they offer as well. Consider reviews of the clubs’ activities, meeting times and locations, safety protocols and equipment used. Also check if they provide boating classes or workshops that will help hone your skills or teach you something new.

Ask Local Boating Experts for Advice

If you are still unsure about selecting a boat club or if you would like to learn more, talk to experienced local boaters. Don't be afraid to ask them for advice on which club is best suited for your needs. You could even visit the marina where the clubs operate from and ask boaters what they think of certain clubs before making a decision. This could give you insight into the experiences of other boaters who have already joined different boat clubs in the area and how their own experiences were.

Join a Local Boating Club

Local boating clubs are great for connecting with other enthusiasts who will be able to provide you with local knowledge and tips about navigation, safety and ports of call. Joining a local boating club has its own set of benefits including a discounted rate on fuel when fueling your boat, access to marinas and ports, and discounts on services such as berthing. There are also plenty of social activities like themed events and BBQs that are organized by the various clubs. Not to mention all the new people you’ll meet, who could potentially become your future sailing partners!


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